Children’s Hospital Central California


Small Miracles Foundation

As a pediatric Oncology social worker the work that is provided by Small Miracles Foundation has been immeasurable. Our jobs arc to work and provide support to families as they navigate their child’s journey through cancer treatment (from 3-4 months to 3-1/2, years initially – depending on the cancer, and sometimes for many years after their initial diagnosis depending on the number of recurrences of their cancer).

In providing support to families some of them due to changes in income (quitting a job or changing their hours) to accommodate treatment or due to their medical needs are unable to pay their rent. Some have to move to new homes due to the change in income, unexpected car repairs (needed to get treatment), no money to pay phone bills or utilities (which are needed), purchase wigs for teenagers, etc. These are requests that are presented to us by families and for most of them it is extremely hard to ask for help.

lt is so wonderful for us to know that we can rely on Small Miracles to help us help our families.

I recently had a family who found out while their child was getting chemotherapy their apartment complex was being foreclosed on and the family had 5 weeks of radiation coming up. The family lived about 2 hours from our hospital and did not have a car. There is a local agency that helped them come to appointments, but could not help them everyday for 5 weeks, as they transport more than one family per day to our facility. This parent is a single parent of 2 children and had to stay at our Ronald McDonald House for 5 weeks and family was on a fixed income. It was nice to know that I could count on Small Miracles and they were able to help pay for some of the cost for this family to stay at the Ronald McDonald House.

This same family upon completion of radiation had no home to return to. There is a local agency that was able to provide them with a hotel temporarily and assisted in finding housing for this family. Again, it was wonderful that I could utilize Small Miracles to help cover some deposit and first month’s rent for this family to move into a new place and a local agency helped to provide family with furniture and paid another few months of rent.

Small Miracles is a miracle and the assitance they provide is LARGE!! My colleagues and l have utilized Small Miracles to provide assistance that has made a difference in the lives of patients and their families. For that we are always grateful.

Thunk you,

Lakeshia Miranda, MSW
Pediatric Oncology
Clinical Social Worker