Children’s Hospital Central California


Dear Joan, I would love to share about how the Small Miracles Foundation works and helps out the families we work with.

Most of those who bring their children to Children’s Hospital Central California have Medi-Cal (roughly 80%), welfare insurance–they are lower income with an already fragile financial structure in place. In the oncology department, we social workers address the emotional and financial strain of having a child newly diagnosed with cancer. To ease the shock and stress, we make sure to assist families with the barrage of applications and forms—-from housing applications, social security applications, to insurance forms, etc. At some point in the lengthy treatment, a parent can find themselves in an unfortunate financial situation where they just need some financial help to get buy. When this happens and when families have exhausted all other avenues of financial help, I can easily complete (with the family) the Small Miracle Foundation application, fax it along with the bill they need help getting paid (i.e., rent, utility, etc) and then rest assured that it’ll be taken care of. Many of the families need just one time help to get them out of a bind and they have no one else to turn to—The Small Miracles foundation understands and empathizes with the families and their life altering experience. This is why it’s so wonderful to have an agency such as the Small Miracles Foundation to work with, because they truly care about helping families and this is reflected in their dedication and continued commitment to working with social workers and the families we’re both trying to help.

–Thank you SMF!

Michelle Pentell, LCSW
Licenced Clinical Social Worker