Children’s Hospital Central California


Dear Joan and Small Miracles Foundation,

It is with great gratitude that I inform you how much I appreciate the collaborative relationship I have with Small Miracles Foundation to assist many of our needy families. I appreciate SMF trusting the social worker to assess and discern the financial needs of the family and to know that other resources have been utilized or tried. I especially appreciate how SMF is able to process the request very quickly and if approved pay the vendor immediately. SMF has trusted the integrity of the social worker and their judgment of being selective of applications being submitted and know that it is those in crisis or who are very worthy of needing emergency assistance. I appreciate how SMF is able to help out in areas where other organizations can not. The families here in the Central Valley of California present with the challenge of having far distances to travel and then if needing to go for a Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant then they have to travel even further to Los Angeles or to Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital or UCSF in San Francisco. There are limited resources available to families here in the Central Valley. SMF has helped with auto mechanic repairs to allow families to drive safely to their medical appointment and treatment. SMF also help with rent/mortgage/utility bills as many of our families are low income and need to take time off from work without pay to be with their child in the hospital and this creates a very difficult financial hardship for the family. I’m not sure what I would do without SMF and all the small and big miracles they provide to our families.


Alistair J. Robertson, MSW
Pediatric Oncology Social Worker
Children’s Hospital Central California