Lydia’s Parents

SMFCaptureWe pride ourselves on being a family of giving instead of receiving. Trying to finance Lydia’s treatments and travels to the hospital on our own has been challenging. The grant money provide by the Small Miracles foundation is greatly appreciated and paid our monthly mortgage in September. This has relieved some of the financial stress my wife and I have been under.

Lydia was diagnosed with stage II Kidney cancer ( Wilm’s Tumor) on June 18th of this year and had her right kidney removed. Last week she completed the 12th round of chemotherapy treatment at the children’s hospital and we received the first scans that show she is on schedule with favorable results.

Lydia’s journey has been on a difficult path since we first noticed she was not developing both mentally and physically as an infant. Cancer has not changed the spirit or strength of this little 6 year old and she is currently enrolled in kindergarten with a smile that melts all of us.

As we stated above we would rather be give than receive and the Small Miracles Foundation will have us as contributors once we get to a place where it is financially possible…promise.

We are remaining positive, keeping faith, and praying for more results that get us back on a cancer free daughter.